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**When checking out select SHIPPING** **When checking out select SHIPPING** 

Purchasing this spot is a NON REFUNDABLE deposit to hold your spot and will go towards the grand total of your catering order once finalized. All catering orders must be a MINIMUM of $150 (with no maximum) to be approved. If you have any questions, please contact me BEFORE purchasing a spot, as the deposit is NON REFUNDABLE regardless of cancelled or finalized order. 

If you are within a 15 mile radius I can deliver to you for a flat fee of $10. If you are more than 15 miles away, I can deliver to you UP TO 25 miles for a flat fee of $20. You are also welcome to pick up at no cost to you. If you are outside of this radius, we will need to arrange for pick up. 

Menu items are listed below: (if you have a dish that you are interested in that is NOT listed please email me and we can discuss if that is something I am able to do) *if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies please let me know when discussing your order* 

PLEASE WRITE IN THE NOTES SECTION WHAT DISHES YOU ARE INTERESTED IN! I will reach out via email to further discuss scheduling and final prices! 

Tray sizes: Medium serves 6-8 people / Large serves 16-20 (please note, that these are ESTIMATED serving sizes and can vary depending on portion sizes of each dish served) 

Menu: prices will be discussed in detail via email once proteins have chosen, so as to reflect the cost of chosen ingredients. 

-Pad Thai 



-Green curry 

-Red curry 

-Som Tum (Papaya salad) 


-Nam Tok 

-Gaeng Som 

-Tom yum 

-Thai fried pork 

-Thai grilled meats

-Khao Mahn Gai 

-Moo Ko 

-Pad Ped 

-Fried rice

-Suea Rong Hai

-Goong Ob Woonsen 

-Tako Sakoo (dessert) 

-Thai tea tres leches (dessert) 

-Sticky rice 

-Thai tea gallons 

-Pandan tea gallons 

-Jeow sauce 

-Khao Mahn Gai sauce 

-Thai seafood sauce 

-Thai bbq sauce/marinade

-Pad Thai sauce 

-Creamy Panang sauce 

-Creamy Tom Yum sauce